Defense bill, passed by Congress 5 months late, pays for 8 new Navy ships

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — The Fiscal Year 2024 Defense Appropriations Act — passed five and a half months late by Congress last weekend — brings much good news for the Navy and Newport News Shipbuilding.

The measure provides more than $33 billion for the procurement of eight Navy ships, including two Virginia-class fast attack submarines and one Columbia-class ballistic submarine, which are built in part at Newport News.

Additionally, according to intelligence company Janes, the bill includes $2.7 billion for Ford-class aircraft carriers including the future John F Kennedy, Enterprise and Doris Miller, which are built entirely at Newport News.

Both of Virginia’s U.S. senators and all four U.S. representatives from Hampton Roads voted yes.

2nd District U.S. Rep. Jen Kiggans, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, said maintaining a strong Navy fleet is urgent.

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